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Frequently Asked Questions When Deciding On A Handyman For Your Home Projects.

Ask for references from previous recent clients, any online reviews, are they insured, and are they licensed? A license is required in Maryland for home improvements.

The answers to all these will show their experience, their track record, and whether they are a good candidate for projects around your home.

For jobs classed as “home improvement”, yes. The handyman must have a MHIC license. (Maryland Home Improvement Commission). If the handyman has a website, the MHIC number should be displayed.

The license covers additions, alterations, conversions, improvement, modernization, remodeling, and repair or replacement of a residential building.

To qualify for a license, the handyman must show proof of two years of experience in home improvement work. They must also pass an exam that contains questions about business and the law.
If the handyman has a website, the MHIC number will often be displayed somewhere.

Yes, every Every Licensed Home Improvement Contractor is required to maintain a minimum of $50,000 General Liability Insurance
– It must be written by an approved Insurance Company.
– It must Include the name of the individual applicant as well as the company’s name.
– It must Designate the Maryland Home Improvement Commission as the Certificate Holder at the address: 1100 N. Eutaw St., Baltimore, Maryland 21201
– The insurance must be in effect at all times.

The most popular jobs a handyman can do are painting, pressure washing, dryer vent cleaning, tiling, floor installation, deck repair, drywall, home repairs, picture hanging, TV mounting, furniture assembly and more.

A handyman is often called upon when multiple skills might be required for various jobs around the home. If experienced, that can include remodeling projects.

You might be selling your home and have a check list of repairs or tasks that need to be done before the home can be photographed and listed. Please note: Home improvements require a license in MD.

Often, a handyman would be called to carry out smaller projects. However, an experienced handyman would expand their repertoire to include remodeling projects.

The best way to determine if a handyman is qualified and sufficiently experienced to carry out a remodeling project is to interview them.

Most remodeling projects require multiple skills. This means that a licensed contractor would have a crew with appropriate skills to match the specific element of the project, such as plumbing, electrical, tiling and painting etc.

Yes, a licensed handyman would be expected to have the necessary skills to repair and install sections of drywall. Bear in mind that some level of carpentry skills might be necessary if the project requires some framing. You should interview your handyman and ask for their experience if your drywall project involves framing.

Yes and no. This depends on the individual handyman. Most handymen should be able to repair drywall and install sections of drywall. However, if your project requires large sections of new drywall with framing, this is a heavier job which might be too much for a solo handyman.

The best thing to do would be to interview your handyman to discuss the project and ask them specific questions about their relevant experience.

Yes, many handymen should be able to carry out certain deck repairs. If the “repair” calls for more than replacing some boards, it would be advisable to ask the handyman if this is something he would be happy to tackle or whether it would be best to engage a dedicate deck building company.

Many handymen will be able to carry out reasonable sized tiling projects such as installing a backsplash in your kitchen or tiling a shower.

Larger tiling jobs such as bathroom floors can sometimes be a step too far which might call for a dedicated tile professional. As with any project you’re considering a handyman for, ask questions to find out if your handyman is sufficiently experienced.

Yes, pressure washing or power washing is one of the most popular jobs that handymen are called for, especially as the Spring and Summer approach. This is usually a seasonal job so, depending on the time of year, you may find that the handyman is not available for working outside in the elements.

Some handymen can carry out dryer vent cleaning. This particular project requires some specialist equipment and knowledge of dryer vent systems. Ask your handyman if this is something he has experience with. Ask them if they include repairing anything they find is damaged or needs to be replaced such as dryer vent caps.

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Handyman Services

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